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Information research
Search engines, directories, databases

  Social media
Tools for searching Facebook, Twitter etc.
Finding people
People research databases, email
  Search the past
Archives, caches
Images, audio, video
Reverse image, biometric, metadata
  Business research
Business research databases
Domain lookup
See who owns a domain name
  Government & NGOs
UK, US, EU & international government
Specialist tools
Technical tools for investigators
  Telecoms research
Look up phone numbers
Maps and satellites
Geographical search & satellite images
Find newspapers and news feeds
Safe searching, email and undercover
Check and valid your sources
Look up planes, boats and automobiles
  Know Your Customer
Anti-money laundering & due diligence

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Research tip sheet
Paul Myers top tips and techniques for investigating online.
BBC Blogs
Research articles from Paul Myers on the BBC website
Google Search
Special search operators to fine tune your Google searching
Online security
Tips for investigative journalists. Protect your data and sources.
Online Verification
A powerPoint dealing with verification of sources in the online world.
Paul Myers interview on journalism and intimidation - from
Finding people online
A tip sheet on people research techniques from GIJN
Searching for people
A BBC video featuring Paul Myers
Training   About

Paul Myers has worked for the BBC since 1995.

He is recognised as an expert in open source research and has been sharing unique online research techniques with journalists and investigators since 1999.

Paul is a co-author of Digital Witness  (Oxford University Press, 2020) and The Verification Handbook.

He is a member of ICIJ and a registered United Nations consultant.

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  Established in 2003, Research Clinic features internet research links, training and apps. It accompanies the training courses delivered by Internet research specialist Paul Myers.

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