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The Research Clinic features internet research links, training and apps. It accompanies the training courses delivered by renowned Internet research specialist Paul Myers.


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A world renowned expert in the field of open source research, Paul's work in broadcast industry has involved him in many important investigations.

Paul is also a vastly experienced trainer, and has  been sharing his unique online research techniques, since 1999.

His training work takes in consultancy, coaching, online and training room-based courses.

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Paul Myers top tips and techniques for investigating online.

Paul Myers's BBC Blogs
Various study materials to help your online investigations

Google's Search Syntax
A quick reminder of the advanced search tricks you can do with Google

Investigative Tools
My favourite technical sites, apps, addons and programs that assist investigations

Online verification
A PowerPoint dealing with verification of sources in the online world.


Facebook Graph Search Operators List new!
A list of all the the most useful Facebook search commands with instructions.

Notes on security
PowerPoint presentation with security tips for investigative journalists. Protect your data, sources and communications.

The Future Just Happened
2001 article from the BBC News site, on privacy and data trails.

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